Why Watch Guardians Of The Galaxy 2

There are many reasons why people watch movies. The top of this is for entertainment and recreation. Another reason could be that one likes certain actors and producers. Others will watch because of the theme portrayed in the film. While others will watch for they like watching movies of a particular genre. One movie that should be on everyone’s viewing list is to plan watch Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Why would one want to watch this? Well below are some reasons why to.

Watch Guardians Of The Galaxy 2

The castGuardians Of The Galaxy 2

The guardians of the galaxy volume 2 has an incredible cast lined up who portray the different characters in the movie. We have ongoing cast members from the previous volume 1. The cast includes the main actor who is Chris Pratt as Peter Quill also called Star-Lord. As the lead man, he is charming, humorous and is able to grip the audience with his wittiness. Then there is Vin Diesel who plays the talking Groot the talking like tree creature. The audience does not get to see the star, and the only statement that comes from him are three words, that the character repeats whenever he is spoken to. We also have Bradley Cropper who voices Rocket Raccoon, who is a genetically altered and cybernetically enhanced raccoon. There is Bautista who takes the character of Drax the Destroyer whose body is full of tattoos that tell his life story. And finally, Zoe Saldana who plays as a green alien called Gamora.

The storyline

Guardians of the Galaxy is a science fiction, action and adventure movie storyline. Volume one’s plot was that of a bunch of misfits who turned out as heroes and saved the universe from destruction. Volume 2 we catch up with the heroes and get into a new adventure as they continue on their adventure.

The director

James Gunn is the director of the movie and has been able to bring our the action and humor in this film. Volume one was able to thrill and grip audience with great action and plot. For volume 2 the same and much more is expected.

The production and visual effects

Guardians Of The Galaxy sceneGuardians of the Galaxy Volume 1 had spectacular visual effects. From the futuristic, space landscape the movie takes place, to the technology that is used to enhance the storyline and create the characters. All this caused the audience be spellbound to the end.

Finally, the humor and fun that was experienced in the first volume is being anticipated and expected to be superseded in the 2 volume.