Movie Review: Rogue One, A Star Wars Story

Rogue One is positioned as a stand-alone tale and accomplishes the rating of a top movie within the Star Wars movies collection. A lot of people are yet to watch Rogue One. The picture fits into space between the end of third Star Wars movie, Revenge of the Sith and the start of A New Hope, which was the first film in this franchise.

The actionrecording with phone

This action movie brings together several fine actors such as Riz Ahmed, Felicity Jones, Mads Mikkelsen, and much more. However, these top actors are all together in this top movie that offers them a limited chance to show off their roles and draw us to them. In fact, the picture does not have personality. There are no lovable character quirks or high spirits. Moreover, with the gloomy visual design, this movie does not offer a lot of fun.

The start

It starts from another galaxy where forces of a certain Empire keep oppressing everyone, and the members of Rebel Alliance keeps fighting back. There is a clue that the empire is preparing some super weapon known as the Death Star. It is said to be designed by a tech mastermind known as Galen Esro who happens to be a daughter of Galen who was recruited by Rebels to find more about the Death Star weapon.

Jyn becomes the leader of the team. Andor who is a Rebel soldier would be more interesting if there is romantic chemistry between Luna and Jones, which is not. The other character is Chirrut who has stirred in many Hong Kong martial arts movies. He is a great character and can blow you away literally without looking. He has a hulking buddy known as Baze Malbus, a butt kicker, and other talents.


Unfortunatepopcornly, it shows there is a lack if fresh excitement with the featuring of a return character from Grand Moff Tarkin, which was the first Star Wars movie. If you remember, Takin was Commander in the Death Star and played by Peter Cushing, the English horror star. Also, if you remember the character died in 1994, and now he resurrects digitally: talking, scowling, walking. If there are worse things as compared to death, this is one of them.

The director of the movie is Gareth Edwards. As you know, he knows how to stage the action, and he does it here in a great way. In fact, he keeps the moving, even though it is not going anywhere.