A guide to physical and digital video games

Video gaming has become one of the activities that received fair controversies and issues whether it brought advantage or disadvantage to children. But gaming today especially online does not only involves children, but it becomes a fun and exciting game for everyone even the adults. Regardless of age, as long as you know the essential functions and mechanics of a game, all are welcome to play video games.

Various ways are provided to access video games. One may download any games from google play easy and free, but for some, they prefer to buy a physical copy or discs of their favorite video games. Reasons for any preference differs from a person to another, but this article would like to discuss the pros and cons of having the physical copy and the downloaded games.


Physical and digital copy defined

Digital copy refers to the games that can be downloaded free or be bought on line directly to your hard drive while the physical copy refers to the games stored on the disc.

Pros and cons

Digital copy

For some, they go for the digital copy because it can save more space at home and it can immediately and directly be saved to ones hard drive. Apart from that, the keepsake of the files is easier, and hassle-free compare to those of the physical that needs more care against scratches that might ruin the video play. The digital form is cheaper and accessible at any convenient time without a need to leave from home because the availability of copies is 24/7 online. It just requires a bit patience on its installation and processing. But it is all worth the waiting. Furthermore, part of digital games is the fun and exciting challenges of online gaming. Though the access to the game does not have a copy through downloading, but once you have a registered account on the specific network, still you have access to the game. Others are opting for the cheats to have an advantage over the opponent on that particular game. This is one of the examples of hacking which can hardly be experienced in the physical form of copy.

digital video games

Physical copy

Some avid fan of video games will really appreciate the tangible objects that they have on hand and appreciate the creative designs of the cases. And the exclusive and limited copies are more likely available in the physical form which is one of the reasons that videos bought on discs have more apparent and better resolution. This topic still brings endless debates over the digital ones. The preference to hard copy is like buying the ownership of the video game discs and gives freedom to the person to sell or share the copy with a friend which cannot be done in digital format.


Whether you will go on a digital or physical copy, both have adverse effects on a person’s health and behavior. Both forms have advantage and disadvantages to consider. Video gaming had helped a person in some ways or another. As long as it is done on appropriate time and content, it cannot go wrong. Therefore, it must remain a past time fun of experience rather than making it as a form and source of distractions.