Choosing the Best Golf Balls

Golf balls refer to the special balls that are designed to be used in the game of golf. There are certain standard measures that these balls are expected to have. They are supposed to have a diameter of 42.67 millimeters and a mass of 45.93 grams. Such golf balls usually perform within a specified distance, symmetry, and velocity limits. The golf balls just like the golf clubs are subject to approval by the United States Golf Association and Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews.

Standard balls

Different types of golf balls

golf ballsThere are different types of golf balls made by various manufacturers. There are some of these balls that are more accurate than the others. Professional golfers have their preferred golf balls based on the manufacturer. The Bridgestone e6 2015 is one of the best golf balls as far as the golf accuracy is concerned. This three-piece golf ball assists in the reduction of slim and hook spin. It has the web-like dimples that make it have a decent roll. The other golf balls that have high accuracy rates Callay Chrome Soft, Bridgestone B330 RX, and Callaway Supersoft just but to mention a few.

Design of the golf balls

One of the outstanding features of the golf balls is the dimples. The dimples on the golf ball help give the golf balls the best flight. Most of the golf balls today have between 250 and 450 dimples although there are those that have more than 1,000 dimples. The golf balls should be as symmetrical as possible. When the golf ball is asymmetrical, it won’t rotate in the right way.\r\n\r\nThey are usually white in color although they are available in other colors as well. However, the other colors are bright color since the golf balls should have high visibility. This is important because at times golf is usually played in frosty or areas with poor lighting. Other than the manufacturer logo and name, the golf balls are typically printed with symbols or numbers to assist the players easily identify their balls.

Selection of the golf balls

golf ballsSelecting the right golf ball to use is one of the biggest challenges that the amateur golfers face. There are different types of balls used for various occasions. The practice or range balls, for instance, are used during the practice sessions. The golf balls are further divided into two categories the advanced balls and the recreational balls. The recreational balls are utilized by the ordinary golfers with low swing speeds while the advanced balls are used by the professional golfers.