Month: August 2017

Dance Mat Typing – A Fun Way Of Teaching

It the responsibility of any parent to prepare their child for adult life. In this regard, the most important thing is how the achieve this. A good way to help a young child learn is by having to inject some fun into the learning process. For instance, if you want to help your child learn how to use a computer at a tender age. There are many ways of doing imparting computer skill. Apparently, the best way to go about this is to use a dance mat typing guide, which helps in giving typing skills and general knowledge.

Dance mat typing

working on laptop

What is dance mat typing? Ideally, dance mat typing is a game that is meant to kill two birds with one stone. This game presents everything about learning how to type entertaining. If you look at the methods used in this teaching program, you will realize that this approach is also perfect for teaching kids with special needs.

Regarding how the game is structured and what makes it useful, this game is composed of four levels. Each of these levels is further split into some other stages. Each stage has some teachers in the form of some animated characters like giraffes, octopus, and snakes among others. Using animated characters makes the learning process friendlier that when using human teachers. Upon completing, the kids are celebrated by cheerful songs.

Benefits of dance mat typing

Boosts concentration

One of the main advantages of this game is that helps children focus. At a tender age, most children tend to be easily distracted by small things. However, it is not easy to distract a child that is having fun in what they are doing. So, the interesting nature of this game fixes the possibilities of being distracted when learning.

Better language skills

babyAnother good thing about the dance mat typing game is that it also improves the vocabulary of the students. Children can also learn new words and their spellings. Going forward, it also makes things easy in their academics. So, you should not be surprised to see a child spelling a complex word that you think is beyond their scope after this game.

Another good thing about this game is the fact that it is free. You do not have to spend to make your child learn. And if you are not confident about your typing speeds, you can also give it a try considering that learning does not have an age barrier.…